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Perfect for Enterprise!

O​ne Platform For All Your Mission Critical Communications

Have meetings directly on your website.

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Audio & video conferencing

Instant meetings

Screen sharing

Large file transfers

Cloud storage drive

P2P and group chats

In chat automatic translation and transcription

HIPPA and SOC 2 compliant

Mobile first functionality

Conference call management

Integrates with your existing calendars

Direct calling


How many times do unused subscriptions go unnoticed? and you have been paying for them for months. Then there is the costly learning curve to learn many new tools that get used only a few times.

Stop The Waste!

Save on multiple subscriptions

Swap out paid subscriptions for new freelancers at any time.

Own your data

Your clients join and work for free!

Safe, secure and always private!

Admin controls

Conference call management

Have consistency and continuity in your company and across your client base. One place for all files, media and all your assets and most importantly, one unified set of tools. Put to work the power of NINJAworkspace on your website today

Embeds on your website in 15 minutes or less

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