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"Necessity is the mother of invention" ~ Plato

"The inception of NINJAworkspace can be traced back to 2016 when its founders recognized the pressing need for a more efficient and streamlined approach to communication and collaboration. They were frustrated by the cumbersome practice of juggling multiple applications, dealing with email attachment limitations, and waiting for participants to join conference calls.

This frustration led to the birth of the NINJAworkspace concept: a unified platform that would consolidate all communication and collaboration needs in one place. To bring this vision to life, the founders meticulously curated the best features from existing platforms while eliminating redundancy. They also introduced innovative features that addressed unmet needs and streamlined the entire process.

The team, consisting of JR, Marshall, Alec, and their dedicated evangelist, Wesley, is on a mission to provide businesses with the most efficient, immediate, and user-friendly means of connecting, communicating, and collaborating with their global clientele, colleagues, and partners.

NINJAworkspace's ultimate goal is to make work not only more convenient but also enjoyable and stress-free, ensuring that every aspect of your professional life is covered seamlessly."

The Three Amigos, with our Evangelist, JR, Marshall, Wesley and Alec (Founders)

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