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A must have for executives that drive and travel often

Calendar Management:

Scheduling appointments, meetings, and conferences.

Coordinating travel arrangements and itineraries.


Send you a scheduled reminder on NINJA

Send one or many scheduled messages to remind you to do a task. These will come in fresh and be on top of your message list to remind you of anything you would like to be reminded of.


Task Prioritization:

Prioritizing tasks and deadlines.

Managing the executive's to-do list.


Communication Management:

Handling phone calls, emails, and other correspondence.

Drafting, editing, and proofreading documents.


Meeting Coordination:

Organizing and preparing materials for meetings.

Taking meeting minutes and following up on action items.

Setting up meeting invites, etc…


Travel Arrangements:

Booking flights, accommodations, and ground transportation.

Creating detailed travel itineraries.


Office Management:

Managing office supplies and equipment.

Coordinating office maintenance and repairs.


Data Management:

Organizing and maintaining files, records, and databases.

Conducting research and preparing reports.

Event Planning:

Organizing company events, conferences, or team-building activities. Create the event and send the invites out for virtual meetings as well as in person meetings or events.


Technology Support:

Assisting with technology-related issues, such as setting up presentations.

Social Media Management, resizing pictures, etc... 

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