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See how NINJA can work for you and your clients...

What businesses are doing today!

Using multiple third-party applications, data is not secure, and all over the place in many locations, furthermore, most of these other applications own the data. As a result of using third-party applications businesses have distanced themselves from their brand, reduced productivity, added costs, lost oversight over employees, lessened accountability per employee, isolated clients and customers from the business goods and services, and on top if it all, business are significantly promoting those third party applications with tons of FREE advertising every time they conduct and host a meeting! UGHHH! 

WHY WOULD ANY BUSINESS WANT TO DO THAT? The simple answer is that most businesses do not know how NINJAworkspace can help!

Whatever your business, NINJAworkspace works safe and secure for you on mobile and desktop! 

Professional Services - Design - Healthcare - Fintech
Construction - 
Organizations - Team Collaboration

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As a lawyer, doing depositions and keeping peoples information, safe, secure and private, you would appreciate doing meetings, depositions, mergers, acquisitions, any communications having to do with any kind of sensitive information and gaining your clients trust, that they're coming to your website to meet with you and not a third-party website, that you have no idea what they do with your data.


As a professional, keeping peoples information, safe, secure and private is your number one concern! Having the ability to have your client easily upload large files, safe and secure, transfer data, safe and secure and conduct video and audio conference all from your company's website ensures the full trust and confidence of your brand name!


Bring clients into conference calls with in a compliant way. Keep track of your brokers and their on-lone meetings. NINJAworkspace is your total solution for team management.


Working with clients can be stressful. NINJAworkspace reduces friction and organizes messages, images, files, diagrams, plans, anything, and everything into one safe secure location. Clients have access when they can ask questions show pictures show colors collaborate an entire project all in one location and not in dozens of email threads and attachments. Making everyone's life simpler, safer, and more secure!


Compliance and ease of use are some of the key components of NINJAworkspace. The ability to connect with patients from a simple link on a mobile phone, no downloads, the simplicity of communicating in multiple languages with our built-in translation and transcription feature makes using our platform simple and comforting!


The ability to connect thousands of people in one location, monitor all of the communications and have everyone come together on one unified platform, makes NINJAworkspace, the ultimate tool for small, medium and large organizations.


The power of our mobile application is incredible. It's as powerful as our desktop version and gets the job done from the road. The ability to have automatic in-chat translation and transcription becomes invaluable when dealing with multiple languages. The ability to organize projects and work groups all from one application, and instantly connect people in groups to conference calls with both audio and video, Screen Sharing and love camera view, is an invaluable asset for your business!

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